Version 1.0

Released on May, 2021

Introducing one of the highly requested apps of all time, Learn Java: Programiz!

Learn Java is an interactive app for all Java enthusiasts who want to learn Java for absolutely free! Built with high coverage on the fundamentals of Java programming language, 80+ interactive examples, an in-app compiler and tonnes of quizzes, it is here to be the best one yet!

Created with careful assessment of feedback from hundreds of programming beginners and our previous two apps, Learn Java comes with all the benefits of Programiz Pro right from the start! Don't get us wrong, we still value our free resources and you can access the entire content with no worries. Our Pro subscription is specially addressed to people that want more from our app.

With Programiz Pro, you can get hold of an ad free experience and unlimited code compilations with the power to skip lessons. Complete the course and claim your certificate right away :)

Along with seamless self-paced learning experience, bite-sized lessons, and all the benefits of distraction-free Programiz Pro, Learn Java offers a hands-on approach that lets you write Java programs from the ground up.

Swipe. Learn. Repeat.

Master Java One Step at a Time.

Start your programming journey with us!

What's New ?
Access highly curated Java lessons
Explore tonnes of practical hand-picked Java examples for beginners
Interactive Quizzes
In-app code editor
Bookmark your favorite topics and revisit them anytime
Track your progress across devices
Programiz Pro subscription
Ad-free mode
Dark mode
Unlimited compiler usage
Unlocked lessons
Get Certified