Flowchart In Programming

Flowchart is a diagrammatic representation of an algorithm. Flowchart are very helpful in writing program and explaining program to others.

Symbols Used In Flowchart

Different symbols are used for different states in flowchart, For example: Input/Output and decision making has different symbols. The table below describes all the symbols that are used in making flowchart

Flowline symbol in flowchart of programmingFlow lineUsed to indicate the flow of logic by connecting symbols.
Terminal symbol in flowchart of programmingTerminal(Stop/Start)Used to represent start and end of flowchart.
Input/Output symbol in flowchart of programmingInput/OutputUsed for input and output operation.
Processing symbol in flowchart of programmingProcessingUsed for airthmetic operations and data-manipulations.
Decision making symbol in flowchart of programmingDesicionUsed to represent the operation in which there are two alternatives, true and false.
On-page connector symbol in flowchart of programmingOn-page ConnectorUsed to join different flowline
Off-page connector symbol in flowchart of programmingOff-page ConnectorUsed to connect flowchart portion on different page.
Predefined process symbol in flowchart of programmingPredefined Process/FunctionUsed to represent a group of statements performing one processing task.

Examples of flowcharts in programming

Draw a flowchart to add two numbers entered by user.

Flowchart to add two numbers in programming

Draw flowchart to find the largest among three different numbers entered by user.

Flowchart to find largest among three numbers

Draw a flowchart to find all the roots of a quadratic equation ax2+bx+c=0

Flowchart of roots of quadratic equation

Draw a flowchart to find the Fibonacci series till term≤1000.

Flowchart of Fibonacci sequence in programming

Though, flowchart are useful in efficient coding, debugging and analysis of a program, drawing flowchart in very complicated in case of complex programs and often ignored.