Introducing Challenges on Learn C and Learn Java!
Introducing Challenges on Learn C and Learn Java!

Introducing Challenges on Learn C and Learn Java!

Apekchhya Shrestha
Apekchhya Shrestha


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Today, we are very excited to announce ‘Challenges’, now available on all of our learning apps! We have curated over 150+ challenges: categorized according to each of our courses. Complete these challenges, secure your position in the global leaderboard and master C and Java on the go!
Introducing Challenges on Learn C and Learn Java
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What’s inside Challenges?

  • Challenges curated just for you, based on your progress and level of difficulty
  • 150+ practical programming challenges to test your knowledge in real-time
  • Earn points by solving problems
  • Compete and secure your position in the global leaderboard
  • Share your achievement with the world

What's in it for you?

We all know programming isn’t something you learn only through theoretical knowledge or just from reading books. You learn programming when you apply practical approaches and solve problems. Dealing with problems practically helps you learn faster and eventually makes you a better programmer. And that’s where Challenges come into play.

With Challenges, you're given various sets of problems, which you must solve using your knowledge and reasoning skills. As you plan and debug your way through the problems, your mind learns, adapts and gets a little sharper.

It doesn't matter if you make some mistakes along the way, for mistakes are integral in enhancing your debugging skills. This, in turn, moulds you into being a more effective programmer.

But that's not all: you also get a chance to learn and compete with other users of our app! Put your skills to the test and see how you fare against others in the Global Leaderboard. And have some fun while you're at it.

Earn points while competing for the top position

What's in it for us?

When we launched Challenges on Learn Python, we received huge support and positive feedback from learners all around the globe. This made it certain that Challenges were the way to go and our next goal was to make them readily available on all of our apps.

With the release of Challenges, it is safe to say we are much more aligned with our vision, and are one step closer in achieving what we have always envisioned.

Our vision for Programiz has always been about removing all barriers to learning programming. When we scaled to mobile devices, we became aware of tonnes of hurdles in learning to code through such a small form-factor.

However, we set to work and established a set of standards and goals in making learning possible through mobile. With each iteration, we worked on improving the content, accessibility, and interactivity of our app, ultimately providing users with a comfortable platform for coding. Our latest release of challenges definitely builds upon the notion of self-paced learning, interactivity and general availability of resources.

The feedback so far has been tremendous; knowing that we have had an impact on so many beginners is a humbling yet deeply fulfilling experience. This has made our journey really worthwhile, in spite of the many bumps on the road we have had to overcome to reach this point.

Celebrating with 75% discount

To celebrate this progress, we are offering a fantastic discount on both of our apps.

We are giving out a 75% discount on our yearly subscription of Programiz Pro. Get Programiz Pro for $7.49 (normally $29.99).

So what are you waiting for?

Get Programiz Pro on Learn C Programming and Learn Java and access 150+ challenges and many more today!

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Apekchhya Shrestha
Apekchhya Shrestha

Apekchhya is a Computer Science graduate, currently working as a QA Engineer at Programiz. During leisure, she loves watching movies and working out.