Announcing Programiz PRO: A Hands-on Approach to Learn Programming
Announcing Programiz PRO: A Hands-on Approach to Learn Programming

Announcing Programiz PRO: A Hands-on Approach to Learn Programming

Manwi Acharya
Manwi Acharya


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Are you searching for the best place to learn programming? If your answer is Yes, you've come to the right place! Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Programiz PRO. Now, you can combine your learning with practice.

10+ years at Programiz has taught us that interactive learning is the way forward. That's why we built our mobile apps. With apps, we tried to make the learning as interactive as possible, however, with mobile apps, there were some limitations like, it's hard to code on mobile and even harder to create full-fedge projects.

Your suggestions and feedback provided further confirmation for this notion. This led us to the realization that our learners needed a better learning environment: an online platform where they can practice while learning by solving challenges and building projects.

That's why we have created Programiz PRO: an interactive learning platform that combines knowledge with practice. Through Programiz PRO, we're taking interactive learning to an even bigger level.

Programiz PRO

Introducing Programiz PRO
Introducing Programiz PRO

What is Programiz PRO?

Programiz PRO is not just another programming course. Instead, it is a most interactive learning platform where you can learn by writing code, solving challenges, and building projects in real-time.

And if you're worried you're a mere beginner with no prior exposure to programming, then fear not! Lessons in Programiz PRO are designed to teach you right from scratch. Each lesson is curated in such a way that you will be ready to implement the concept in a real project once you're done. These lessons include quizzes and challenges to help you test your knowledge.

What's inside Programiz PRO?

Here's what you'll get with Programiz PRO:

1. Highly Curated Learning Paths

Programiz PRO provides you with a wide array of learning paths. You could also call it career paths, where you learn very specific skills to master certain aspects of programming relevant to your chosen career. For example, we hear a lot about concepts like Data Science, Machine Learning, Blockchain, etc. But we may not know what is actually required to master these fields.

That's why learning in Programiz PRO is divided in terms of learning paths, and each learning path will include multiple courses from basics to advanced that provide a step-by-step guide to mastering a learning path.

Courses in Programiz PRO are categorized in learning path that includes coursed, projects and challenges
Learning Path Roadmap

2. Interactive Courses

Courses in our learning paths are well-designed units of essential curriculum and interactive resources: quizzes and challenges that help our learners practice while learning. Basically, we want to make your learning fun, with realistic outcomes.

3. Powerful Compilers

Our goal here is to help you strictly focus on the core part of coding and practicing. So, to help you avoid the distraction of learning third-party tools and compilers, we are providing built-in compilers for every language where you can write and run code.

Each lesson in Programiz PRO includes tutorial and a built-in compiler to write code
Built-in Compiler

4. Projects

To compete in the job market, programmers (especially beginners) have to provide something extra to the recruiter. With this in mind, we are introducing mini projects with Programiz PRO that will help you guys add your first project to your portfolio.

5. 100+ Challenges

Throughout the courses, you will be solving multiple challenges that will test your skills. These challenges are set in a professional environment, pushing you to spend time finding and fixing errors, just like a professional programmer.

6. Certifications

Once you complete all the courses and challenges, you'll be rewarded with a personalized certificate that will put you ahead of your competition while landing your first job.

7. Discord Community

To guide you throughout this journey, we have also created a private discord community where you can ask questions, connect with people like yourself, share your story, and many more.

What does Programiz PRO mean for us?

From the very beginning, our goal at Programiz has been to remove all the barriers that beginner programmers face while learning to code. And we are working towards that goal every day.

So far, we have received extremely positive feedback for our tutorials, mobile apps, and YouTube videos. Knowing that we have had an impact on people is a humbling yet deeply fulfilling experience.

With this, we felt it's time to go the extra mile and do something more for our users.

That's when the idea of a truly interactive learning environment came to us: a platform where one can start from scratch and then advance forward both in theory and practice; a platform where one can combine knowledge with practice.

Now, with the release of Programiz PRO, we are proud to say that we are closer than ever to meeting our goal of removing all barriers to learning programming.

And we really hope that Programiz PRO proves to be an invaluable tool in your journey towards mastering the art of programming.

Celebrating our Journey Together

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Start your interactive learning today with Programiz PRO.

Happy Programming :)

Manwi Acharya
Manwi Acharya

Manwi is a Computer Science student, currently a Technical Content Writer at Programiz. Her hobbies are ever-changing, but her love for the science behind the cosmos is always constant.