Introducing "Challenges" on Learn Python app
Introducing "Challenges" on Learn Python app

Introducing "Challenges" on Learn Python app

Aswin Shrestha
Aswin Shrestha


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You know what they say:

Practice makes perfect.

You can't learn to code just by knowing what it is. You need to practice to get the bigger picture of how programming really works.

The more you practice, the more mistakes you make. So, you dissect and tear through your code to understand what's going on, and then modify it accordingly to correct your mistakes. That is how you learn to program quickly and effectively.

Introducing Learn Python: Programiz v3.0
Introducing Learn Python: Programiz v3.0

Programiz Vision

Our vision for Programiz has always been to provide beginners an easy, informative and interactive experience to learn to program.

We have brought our vision to life through our learning apps. Since the first release of our apps, we have progressively added features that allow you to learn and try out what you have learned.

Real-world Examples and Quizzes

We added real-world examples on top of lessons for users to get comfortable with the code, read others' code, work out the logic and tweak their logic into the code. We added quizzes to let you test your knowledge so that you deeply understand the theory behind the language.

In-app Code Editor

Similarly, we added an in-app code editor and integrated it with lessons and examples so that you can run the code from the ease of your phone. The code editor allows you to play around with the code, make changes and essentially, get comfortable around coding.

All these additions have added up to the experience, and we hope it has helped you better yourself in the process.

Introducing Python Challenges

Today, we are introducing "Challenges" within our Learn Python app.

Once you know the basics, know how to write/run basic code and comfortably read code written by others, it's time to put in your efforts to practice. And that's where "Challenges" comes in.

Challenges give you the ability to put forward your knowledge and logical reasoning into code. We believe it's the best way to learn to code: by challenging yourself to complete a task.

In an effort to make this worthwhile, we've curated over 200+ challenges, sub-divided them into different topics and levels of difficulty so that you can get ample practice and master Python in the process.

Earn points and compete in the global leaderboard in Learn Python:Programiz
Earn points while competing for the top position

What's inside Challenges?

  • 200+ practical programming challenges to test your knowledge in real-time.
  • Challenges curated based on your progress.
  • Earn points by solving problems.
  • See where you stand on the global leaderboard.
  • Share your achievement to everyone.

We genuinely believe "Challenges" will test your programming skills and help you build the necessary confidence in writing code as a beginner.

Starting today, "Challenges" is available to Pro users at no additional cost.

Happy programming!

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Aswin Shrestha
Aswin Shrestha

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