C <math.h>

The C <math.h> header file declares a set of functions to perform mathematical operations such as: sqrt() to calculate the square root, log() to find natural logarithm of a number etc.

C acos()

computes arc cosine

C acosh()

computes arc hyperbolic cosine

C asin()

computes arc sine

C asinh()

computes the hyperbolic of arc sine of an argument

C atan()

computes the arc tangent of an argument

C atan2()

computes the arc tangent of an argument.

C atanh()

computes arc hyperbolic tangent

C cbrt()

computes cube root of a number

C ceil()

computes the nearest integer greater than argument

C cos()

computes the cosine of an argument.

C cosh()

computer hyperbolic cosine.

C exp()

computes the exponential raised to the argument

C fabs()

computes absolute value

C floor()

calculates the nearest integer less than argument

C hypot()

computes hypotenuse

C log()

computes natural logarithm of an argument.

C log10()

computes the base 10 logarithm of an argument.

C pow()

Computes power of a number

C sin()

compute sine of a number

C sinh()

computes the hyperbolic sine of an argument.

C sqrt()

computes square root of a number

C tan()

computes tangent

C tanh()

computes the hyperbolic tangent of an argument