C <math.h>

There are various standard library functions and a macro defined under math.h to perform mathematical operations in C programming.

Library functions under "math.h"
Function Work of function
acos Computes arc cosine of the argument
acosh Computes hyperbolic arc cosine of the argument
asin Computes arc sine of the argument
asinh Computes hyperbolic arc sine of the argument
atan Computes arc tangent of the argument
atanh Computes hyperbolic arc tangent of the argument
atan2 Computes arc tangent and determine the quadrant using sign
cbrt Computes cube root of the argument
ceil Returns nearest integer greater than argument passed
cos Computes the cosine of the argument
cosh Computes the hyperbolic cosine of the argument
exp Computes the e raised to given power
fabs Computes absolute argument of floating point argument
floor Returns nearest integer lower than the argument passed.
hypot Computes square root of sum of two arguments (Computes hypotenuse)
log Computes natural logarithm
log10 Computes logarithm of base argument 10
pow Computes the number raised to given power
sin Computes sine of the argument
sinh Computes hyperbolic sine of the argument
sqrt Computes square root of the argument
tan Computes tangent of the argument
tanh Computes hyperbolic tangent of the argument

There are some mathematical functions that aren't defined under <stdlib.h> instead of <math.h>. Be sure to check out <stdlib.h> if you want to learn about mathematical functions under this function.

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