C++ <cstdlib>

The C++ <cstdlib> header file declares a set of general-purpose functions such as: atof() to convert string to double. It also contains a few mathematical functions. For example, abs() to find the absolute value of a number.

C++ atof()

Converts String to Double

C++ bsearch()

performs binary search on sorted array

C++ calloc()

allocates block of memory and initializes to zero

C++ cstdlib abs()

Returns absolute value of an integer

C++ div()

computes integral quotient and remainder of number

C++ free()

deallocates a block of memory

C++ getenv()

returns pointer to environment variable passed

C++ labs()

returns absolute value of long or long int number

C++ malloc()

Allocates a block of unitialized memory

C++ qsort()

sorts array using quick-sort algorithm

C++ realloc()

reallocates a block of previously allocated memory

C++ srand()

Seeds pseudo random number for rand()

C++ strtol()

Converts a string to number

C++ strtoull()

converts string to unsigned long long int