C++ <cmath>

C++ cos()

Returns Cosine of the Argument

C++ sin()

Returns Sine of the Argument

C++ asin()

Returns Inverse Sine a Number

C++ atan()

Returns Inverse tangent a Number

C++ tan()

Returns Tangent of the Argument

C++ atan2()

Returns Inverse Tangent of a Coordinate

C++ acos()

Returns Inverse cosine a Number

C++ ceil()

Return ceiling value of number

C++ floor()

Returns floor value of decimal number

C++ fmod()

Computes floating point remainder of division

C++ log()

Returns Natural Logarithm of a Number

C++ round()

Returns integral value nearest to argument

C++ trunc()

Truncates the demical part of a number

C++ log10()

Returns Base 10 Logarithm of a Number

C++ modf()

Breaks Number Into Integral and Fractional Part

C++ exp()

returns exponential (e) raised to a number

C++ log2()

returns base2 logarithm of a number

C++ sqrt()

Computes Square Root of A Number

C++ fmax()

returns largest among two arguments passed

C++ nan()

returns a quiet NaN value

C++ fabs()

Returns absolute value of argument

C++ cmath abs()

Returns absolute value of an argument

C++ remainder()

Returns remainder of x/y

C++ pow()

Computes Power a Number

C++ <cstdlib>

C++ atof()

Converts String to Double

C++ strtol()

Converts a string to number

C++ strtoull()

converts string to unsigned long long int

C++ srand()

Seeds pseudo random number for rand()

C++ free()

deallocates a block of memory

C++ malloc()

Allocates a block of unitialized memory

C++ realloc()

reallocates a block of previously allocated memory

C++ getenv()

returns pointer to environment variable passed

C++ bsearch()

performs binary search on sorted array

C++ qsort()

sorts array using quick-sort algorithm

C++ cstdlib abs()

Returns absolute value of an integer

C++ div()

computes integral quotient and remainder of number

C++ labs()

returns absolute value of long or long int number

C++ calloc()

allocates block of memory and initializes to zero

C++ <iostream>

C++ cin

accepts input from the user

C++ cerr

Writes to error stream

C++ cout

displays output to output device i.e monitor

C++ clog

used for streaming logs

C++ wcin

accepts input in wide character type

C++ wcout

displays wide characters (Unicode) to screen

C++ <cstring>

C++ memcpy()

Copies block of memory from source to destination

C++ strcat()

appends copy of string to end of another string

C++ strcpy()

Copies character string from source to destination

C++ strncpy()

copies character string from source to destination

C++ strcmp()

Compare two strings

C++ strncmp()

compares two strings lexographically

C++ strchr()

searches for character in string

C++ strtok()

Split string based on delimiter

C++ memset()

copies character to beginning of string n times

C++ strstr()

finds first occurrence of a substring in string

C++ strlen()

Returns length of given string

C++ <cctype>

C++ isalpha()

checks if given character is alphabet or not

C++ isdigit()

Checks if given character is a digit or not

C++ isblank()

checks if given character is a blank character

C++ islower()

checks if given character is lowercase

C++ ispunct()

check if given character is punctuation character

C++ isspace()

check if given character is whitespace character

C++ isupper()

check if given character is uppercase or not

C++ isxdigit()

checks if given character is hexadecimal character

C++ tolower()

Converts a given character to lowercase

C++ toupper()

Converts a given character to uppercase

C++ <cstdio>

C++ tmpfile()

creates temporary file with auto-generated name

C++ remove()

Deletes the specified file

C++ rename()

renames or moves specified file

C++ fopen()

opens specified file

C++ scanf()

Read data form stdin

C++ fprintf()

write a formatted string to file stream

C++ fscanf()

read data from file stream

C++ printf()

Write formatted string to stdout

C++ snprintf()

write formatted string to character string buffer

C++ sprintf()

Write a formatted string to buffer

C++ sscanf()

read data from string buffer

C++ fgetc()

reads the next character from given input stream

C++ fgets()

reads n number of characters from file stream

C++ getchar()

reads next character from stdin

C++ gets()

reads line from stdin

C++ putchar()

writes a character to stdout

C++ puts()

writes string to stdout

C++ fread()

reads specified no. of characters from stream

C++ fwrite()

writes specified number of characters to stream

C++ freopen()

opens a new file with stream associated to another

C++ fflush()

flushes any buffered data to the respective device

C++ fseek()

sets file position indicator for given file stream

C++ getc()

reads next character from input stream

C++ <ctime>

C++ clock()

returns processor time consumed by program

C++ difftime()

computes difference between two times in seconds

C++ time()

Returns current calendar time

C++ asctime()

converts calendar time to character representation

C++ ctime()

converts time since epoch to char representation

C++ gmtime()

converts given time since epoch to UTC time

C++ localtime()

converts given time since epoch to local time

C++ strftime()

converts calendar time to multibyte character str