JavaScript Program to Check if the Numbers Have Same Last Digit

To understand this example, you should have the knowledge of the following JavaScript programming topics:

Example: Check the Last Digit

/* program to check whether the last digit of three
numbers is same */

// take input
const a = prompt('Enter a first integer: ');
const b = prompt('Enter a second integer: ');
const c = prompt('Enter a third integer: ');

// find the last digit
const result1 = a % 10;
const result2 = b % 10;
const result3 = c % 10;

// compare the last digits
if(result1 == result2 && result1 == result3) {
    console.log(`${a}, ${b} and ${c} have the same last digit.`);
else {
    console.log(`${a}, ${b} and ${c} have different last digit.`);


Enter a first integer: 8
Enter a second integer: 38
Enter a third integer: 88
8, 38 and 88 have the same last digit.

In the above example, the user is asked to enter three integers.

The three integer values are stored in variables a, b and c.

The last digit of an integer value is calculated using a modulus operator %.

% gives the remainder value. For example, 58 % 10 gives 8.

All the last digits are then compared using if..else statement and logical AND operator && operator.

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