C Programming Function Examples

In this article, you'll find all necessary examples on C Programming functions (including recursion).
Function examples in C programming

A function in C is a block of code that performs a specific task. This can be calculating the area of a triangle or shuffling a deck of cards.

To understand examples in this page, you should have the knowledge of following topics:

  1. User-Defined Function

  2. Types of User-defined functions

  3. Scope of a local variable

  4. Recursion

C Function Examples

Display all prime numbers between two Intervals
Check Prime and Armstrong Number by making function
Check whether a number can be expressed as the sum of two prime number
Find sum of natural numbers using recursion
Calculate factorial of a number using recursion
Find G.C.D using recursion
Reverse a sentence using recursion
Calculate the power of a number using recursion
Convert binary number to decimal and vice-versa
Convert octal Number to decimal and vice-versa
Convert binary number to octal and vice-versa