Kotlin Program to Calculate Average Using Arrays

Example: Program to Calculate Average Using Arrays

fun main(args: Array<String>) {
    val numArray = doubleArrayOf(45.3, 67.5, -45.6, 20.34, 33.0, 45.6)
    var sum = 0.0

    for (num in numArray) {
        sum += num

    val average = sum / numArray.size
    println("The average is: %.2f".format(average))

When you run the program, the output will be:

The average is: 27.69

In the above program, the numArray stores the floating point values whose average is to be found.

Then, to calculate the average, we need to first calculate the sum of all elements in the array. This is done using a for-each loop in Java.

Finally, we calculate the average by the formula:

average = sum of numbers / total count

In this case, the total count is given by numArray.length.

Finally, we print the average using format() function so that we limit the decimal points to only 2 using "%.2f"

Here's the equivalent Java code: Java Program to calculate average using arrays

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