Python Program to Check If Two Strings are Anagram

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Two strings are said to be anagram if we can form one string by arranging the characters of another string. For example, Race and Care. Here, we can form Race by arranging the characters of Care.

Python program to check if two strings are anagrams using sorted()

str1 = "Race"
str2 = "Care"

# convert both the strings into lowercase
str1 = str1.lower()
str2 = str2.lower()

# check if length is same
if(len(str1) == len(str2)):

    # sort the strings
    sorted_str1 = sorted(str1)
    sorted_str2 = sorted(str2)

    # if sorted char arrays are same
    if(sorted_str1 == sorted_str2):
        print(str1 + " and " + str2 + " are anagram.")
        print(str1 + " and " + str2 + " are not anagram.")

    print(str1 + " and " + str2 + " are not anagram.")


race and care are anagram.

We first convert the strings to lowercase. It is because Python is case sensitive (i.e. R and r are two different characters in Python).


  • lower() - converts the characters into lower case
  • sorted() - sorts both the strings

If sorted arrays are equal, then the strings are anagram.

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