R Program to Make a List of Dataframes

In this example, we will learn to make a list of multiple data frames using the list() function.

Example: Make a List of Dataframes in R

# create a data frame
dataframe1 <- data.frame (
  Name = c("Juan", "Alcaraz"),
  Age = c(22, 15)

# create another data frame
dataframe2 <- data.frame (
  Name = c("Yiruma", "Bach", "Ludovico"),
  Age = c(46, 89, 72)

# make a list of dataframe1 and dataframe2
print(list(dataframe1, dataframe2))


     Name Age
1    Juan  22
2 Alcaraz  15

      Name Age
1   Yiruma  46
2     Bach  89
3 Ludovico  72

In the above example, we have first created two dataframes named: dataframe1 and dataframe2 and made a list of these two dataframes using the list() function.

list(dataframe1, dataframe2)

Here, we have passed dataframe1 and dataframe2 inside list() to make a list.

Note: Once the list of dataframes is created, we can access, modify, delete components of the list of dataframes.