R Program to Find the Length of a String

The length of a string means the total number of characters present in a given string.

For example, the string "Programiz" has the length 9.

In R, there are two ways to find the length of a string. We can use the nchar() function

or the str_length() function from the stringr package.

Example 1: Length of a String in R Using nchar()

# create a string
string1 <- "Programiz"

# use nchar() to find length of string1
result <- nchar(string1)

cat("Total Length:", result)


Total Length: 9

In the above example, we have used the nchar() function to find the length of a string variable named string1.

Since string1 contains a string "Programiz", which has a total of 9 characters. So nchar() returns 9.

Example 2: Length of a String in R Using str_length()

In order to use the str_length() function, we first import the stringr package.

# import stringr package

string1 <- "Programiz"

# use str_length() of stringr package to find length
result <- str_length(string1)

cat("Total length:", result)


Total length: 9

Here, we have used the str_length() function provided by the stringr package to find the length of string1.