R Program to Merge Multiple Dataframes

In this example, we will learn to combine two dataframe into one in R using rbind() and cbind() functions.


  1. rbind() - combines data frames vertically
  2. cbind() - combines data frames horizontally

Example: Combine Dataframe Vertically Using rbind() in R

If we want to combine two data frames vertically, the column name of the two data frames must be the same. For example,

dataframe1 = data.frame(Id = c(101, 102, 103, 104, 105),
  Course = c("DSA", "Graphics", "Calculus-1", "Physics", "Network")

dataframe2 = data.frame(Id = c(101, 103, 105, 108, 110),
  Address = c("Nepal", "USA","Sweden", "Japan", "Norway")

# merge two dataframes based on Id
merge(dataframe1,dataframe2, by = "Id")


  Id     Course Address
1 101        DSA   Nepal
2 103 Calculus-1     USA
3 105    Network  Sweden

In the above example, we have created two dataframes named: dataframe1 and dataframe2. We have then used the merge() function to merge two dataframes.

Here, two dataframes whose Id value is the same are merged together.