Java Program to Perform the inorder tree traversal

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Example: Java Program to perform inorder tree traversal

class Node {
  int item;
  Node left, right;

  public Node(int key) {
  item = key;
  left = right = null;

class Tree {
  // root of Tree
  Node root;

  Tree() {
  root = null;

  void inOrder(Node node) {
    if (node == null)

    // traverse the left child

    // traverse the root node
    System.out.print(node.item + "->");

    // traverse the right child

  public static void main(String[] args) {

    // create an object of Tree
    Tree tree = new Tree();

    // create nodes of tree
    tree.root = new Node(1);
    tree.root.left = new Node(12);
    tree.root.right = new Node(9);

    // create child nodes of left child
    tree.root.left.left = new Node(5);
    tree.root.left.right = new Node(6);

    System.out.println("In Order traversal");
Inorder Tree Traversal
Inorder Tree Traversal


In Order traversal

In the above example, we have implemented the tree data structure in Java. Here, we are performing the inorder traversal of the tree.

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