JavaScript Array unshift()

In this tutorial, we will learn about the JavaScript Array shift() method with the help of examples.

The unshift() method adds one or more elements to the beginning of an array and returns the new length of the array.


let languages = ["Java", "Python", "C"];

// add "JavaScript" at the beginning of the array languages.unshift("JavaScript");
console.log(languages); // Output: [ 'JavaScript', 'Java', 'Python', 'C' ]

unshift() Syntax

The syntax of the unshift() method is:

arr.unshift(element1, element2, ..., elementN)

Here, arr is an array.

unshift() Parameters

The unshift() method takes in an arbitrary number of elements to add to the array.

unshift() Return Value

  • Returns the new (after adding arguments to the beginning of array) length of the array upon which the method was called.


  • This method changes the original array and its length.
  • To add elements to the end of an array, use the JavaScript Array push() method.

Example: Using unshift() method

var languages = ["JavaScript", "Python", "Java", "Lua"];

var count = languages.unshift("C++");
console.log(languages); // [ 'C++', 'JavaScript', 'Python', 'Java', 'Lua' ] console.log(count); // 5 var priceList = [12, 21, 35];
var count1 = priceList.unshift(44, 10, 1.6);
console.log(priceList); // [ 44, 10, 1.6, 12, 21, 35 ] console.log(count1); // 6


[ 'C++', 'JavaScript', 'Python', 'Java', 'Lua' ]
[ 44, 10, 1.6, 12, 21, 35 ]

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