Javascript Array toString()

In this tutorial, you will learn about the JavaScript Array toString() method with the help of examples.

The toString() method returns a string formed by the elements of the given array.


// defining an array
let items = ["JavaScript", 1, "a", 3];

// returns a string with elements of the array separated by commas let itemsString = items.toString();
console.log(itemsString); // Output: // JavaScript,1,a,3

toString() Syntax

The syntax of the toString() method is:


Here, arr is an array.

toString() Parameters

The toString() method does not take any parameters.

toString() Return Value

  • Returns a string representing the values of the array separated by a comma


  • The toString() method does not change the original array.
  • Elements like undefined, null, or empty array, have an empty string representation.

Example 1: Using toString() Method

let info = ["Terence", 28, "Kathmandu"];

// returns the string representation of the info array let info_str = info.toString();
console.log(info_str); // toString() does not change the original array console.log(info);


[ 'Terence', 28, 'Kathmandu' ]

In the above example, we have used the toString() method to convert all the elements of the info array into a string.

info.toString() returns the string representation of info which is Terence,28,Kathmandu.

Since the method does not change the original array, the info array holds the same original value.

Example 2: toString() with Nested Arrays

When we use the toString() method in a nested array, the array is flattened. For example:

// defining a nested array
let nestedArray = [1, 2, 4, ["Apple", 5]];

// returns string representation of the nested array by flattening the array let resultingArray = nestedArray.toString();



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