Javascript Object.propertyIsEnumerable()

The JavaScript Object.propertyIsEnumerable() method checks if the given property is enumerable and is the object's own property.

The syntax of the propertyIsEnumerable() method is:


Here, obj is an object.

propertyIsEnumerable() Parameters

The propertyIsEnumerable() method takes in:

  • prop - The name of the property to test.

Return value from propertyIsEnumerable()

  • Returns a Boolean indicating whether the specified property is enumerable and is the object's own property.

Note: Every object has a propertyIsEnumerable method. This method can determine whether the specified property in an object can be enumerated by a loop.

Example: Using Object.propertyIsEnumerable()

let arr = [1, 2, 3, 4];
console.log(arr.propertyIsEnumerable(0)); // true
console.log(arr.propertyIsEnumerable("length")); // false

console.log(Math.propertyIsEnumerable("random")); // false

let obj = {
  prop: "Hello World!",
console.log(obj.propertyIsEnumerable("prop")); // true
// property does not exist
console.log(obj.propertyIsEnumerable("random")); // false



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