JavaScript Object getOwnPropertySymbols()

The JavaScript Object.getOwnPropertySymbols() method returns an array of all symbol properties found in a given object.

The syntax of the getOwnPropertySymbols() method is:


The getOwnPropertySymbols() method, being a static method, is called using the Object class name.

getOwnPropertySymbols() Parameters

The getOwnPropertySymbols() method takes in:

  • obj - The object whose symbol properties are to be returned.

Return value from getOwnPropertySymbols()

  • Returns an array of all symbol properties found directly upon the given object.

Note: Object.getOwnPropertySymbols() returns all symbol properties of the object while Object.getOwnPropertyNames() returns the string properties

Example: Using getOwnPropertySymbols()

let obj = {};
let a = Symbol("a");
let b = Symbol.for("b");

obj[a] = "localSymbolValue";
obj[b] = "globalSymbolValue";

// returns an array of symbol
let objectSymbols = Object.getOwnPropertySymbols(obj);

console.log(objectSymbols.length); // 2
console.log(objectSymbols); // [Symbol(a), Symbol(b)]
console.log(objectSymbols[0]); // Symbol(a)


[ Symbol(a), Symbol(b) ]

getOwnPropertySymbols() method.,>

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