Javascript Object.values()

The JavaScript Object.values() method returns the object's own enumerable property values as an array.

The syntax of the values() method is:


The values() method, being a static method, is called using the Object class name.

values() Parameters

The values() method takes in:

  • obj - The object whose enumerable properties are to be returned.

Return value from values()

  • Returns an array of strings that represent all the enumerable property values of the given object.

Note: The ordering of the properties is the same as that when looping over them manually.

Example: Using Object.values()

// Array objects
const arr = ["JavaScript", "Python", "C"];
console.log(Object.values(arr)); // [ 'JavaScript', 'Python', 'C' ]

// Array-like objects
const obj = { 65: "A", 66: "B", 67: "C" };
console.log(Object.values(obj)); // [ 'A', 'B', 'C' ]

// random key ordering
const obj1 = { 42: "a", 22: "b", 71: "c" };
console.log(Object.values(obj1)); // ['b', 'a', 'c']  -> Arranged in key's numerical order

// string -> from ES2015+, non objects are coerced to object
const string = "code";
console.log(Object.values(string)); // [ 'c', 'o', 'd', 'e' ]


[ 'JavaScript', 'Python', 'C' ]
[ 'A', 'B', 'C' ]
[ 'b', 'a', 'c' ]
[ 'c', 'o', 'd', 'e' ]

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