JavaScript String codePointAt()

The JavaScript String codePointAt() method returns an integer denoting the Unicode point value.

The syntax of the codePointAt() method is:


Here, str is a string.

codePointAt() Parameters

The codePointAt() method takes in :

  • pos - Position of an element in str to return the code point value from.

Return value from codePointAt()

  • Returns a number representing the code point value of the character at the given pos.
  • Returns undefined if no element is found at pos.

Example: Using codePointAt() method

let sentence = "Happy Birthday";

let codePt1 = sentence.codePointAt(1); // 97
console.log(`Unicode Code Point of '${sentence.charAt(1)}': ${codePt1}`);

for (let codePoint of sentence.slice(0,5)){
  console.log(codePoint, codePoint.codePointAt(0));

let codePt3 = sentence.codePointAt(100);
console.log(codePt3); // undefined


Unicode Code Point of 'a': 97
H 72
a 97
p 112
p 112
y 121

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