JavaScript String fromCodePoint()

The JavaScript String fromCodePoint() method returns a string created by using the given sequence of code points.

The syntax of the fromCodePoint() method is:

String.fromCodePoint(num1, ..., numN)

The fromCodePoint() method, being a static method, is called using the String class name.

fromCodePoint() Parameters

The fromCodePoint() method takes in :

  • num1, ..., numN - A sequence of code points.

Return value from fromCodePoint()

  • Returns a string created by using the specified sequence of code points.


  • The fromCodePoint() method throws a RangeError if an invalid Unicode code point is given.
  • The fromCodePoint() method returns a string and not a String object.

Example: Using fromCodePoint() method

let string1 = String.fromCodePoint(65, 66, 67);
console.log(string1); // ABC

let string2 = String.fromCharCode(72, 69, 76, 76, 79);
console.log(string2); // HELLO

// numbers can be passed as hexadecimals
let string3 = String.fromCodePoint(0x2f804);
console.log(string3); // "\uD87E\uDC04"

// unlike fromCharCode() that requires surrogate pair to return supplementary char
// fromCodePoint() can even return 4-byte supplementary chars
let string4 = String.fromCodePoint(0x1f303);
console.log(string4); // Unicode character "Night with Stars"

let string5 = String.fromCodePoint(Infinity);
console.log(string5); // RangeError


<unicode Night with Stars>
RangeError: Invalid code point Infinity

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