JavaScript String fromCodePoint()

The fromCodePoint() method returns a string created by using the given sequence of unicode code points.


// returns a string of characters represented by unicode 65, 66 and 67 let alphabets = String.fromCodePoint(65, 66, 67);
// printing the equivalent characters console.log(alphabets); // Output: // ABC

fromCodePoint() Syntax

The syntax of the fromCodePoint() method is:

String.fromCodePoint(num1, ..., numN)

The fromCodePoint() method, being a static method, is called using the String class name.

fromCodePoint() Parameters

The fromCodePoint() method takes in:

  • num1, ..., numN - A sequence of code points.

fromCodePoint() Return Value

  • Returns a string created by using the specified sequence of Unicode code points.


  • Unicode code point value is a number value for each character which is defined by an international standard. For example, the Unicode value for the letter A is 65.
  • The method throws a RangeError if an invalid Unicode code point is given.

Example 1: Using fromCodePoint() method

// return 'Hello' string from given unicode let greet = String.fromCodePoint(72, 101, 108, 108, 111);
// printing the equivalent characters console.log(greet);



In the above example, we have called fromCodePoint() through the String constructor object and assigned the return value to greet.

The fromCodePoint() method concatenates the characters converted from the given Unicode code points.

That means, Unicode code point 72 is converted to "H", 101 to "E" and 108 to "L", 111 to "O" and later concatenated into the "Hello" string.

Example 2: fromCodePoint() with Hexadecimal Value

// passing unicode as a hexadecimal value let string2 = String.fromCodePoint(0x2014);


In the above example, we have passed a hexadecimal value 0x2014 whose decimal equivalent is 8212. The Unicode point value 8212 is converted to a character .

string2 holds the return value of fromCodePoint(0x2014), which is .

Example 3: fromCodePoint() with Invalid Unicode code Point

// passing invalid unicode value let string3 = String.fromCodePoint(Infinity);


RangeError: Invalid code point Infinity

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