Swift Double isMultiple()

The isMultiple() method checks if one number is multiple of another or not.


// check is 9 is multiple of 3 or not var result = 9.isMultiple(of: 3)
print(result) // Output: true

isMultiple() Syntax

The syntax of the isMultiple() method is:

num.isMultiple(of: otherNumber)

Here, num is a number.

isMultiple() Parameters

The isMultiple() method takes one parameter

  • otherNumber - the value to test

isMultiple() Return Values

The isMultiple() method returns boolean value

  • true - if num is multiple of otherNumber
  • false - if num is not a multiple of otherNumber

Example 1: Swift Double isMultiple()

// check if 4 is multiple of 2 or not
var result1 = 4.isMultiple(of: 2)
print(result1) // check if 2 is multiple of 4 or not
var result2 = 2.isMultiple(of: 4)
print(result2) // check if 210 is multiple of 10 or not
var result3 = 210.isMultiple(of: 10)



Here, since 4 is a multiple of 2, the isMultiple() method returns true. However, 2 is not a multiple of 4, the method returns false.

Lastly, since 210 is multiple of 10, the method returns true.

Example 2: Check Odd or Even

// check if 48 is multiple of 2 or not if 48.isMultiple(of: 2) {
print("Even Number") } else { print("Odd number") }


Even Number

Here, since 48 is multiple of 2, the code inside the if block is executed.

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