Swift Double quotientAndRemainder()

The quotientAndRemainder() method calculates the quotient and remainder of the division of numerator by denominator.


// compute the quotientAndRemainder var result = 10.quotientAndRemainder(dividingBy: 3)
print(result) // Output: (quotient: 3, remainder: 1)

quotientAndRemainder() Syntax

The syntax of the quotientAndRemainder() method is:

num.quotientAndRemainder(dividingBy: otherNumber)

Here, num is a numerator.

quotientAndRemainder() Parameters

The quotientAndRemainder() method takes one parameter

  • otherNumber - the dividing value (denominator)

quotientAndRemainder() Return Values

The quotientAndRemainder() method returns the quotient and remainder of the division of num by otherNumber.

Example: Swift Double quotientAndRemainder()

// compute quotient and remainder
var result1 = 150.quotientAndRemainder(dividingBy: 2)
var result2 = 1750.quotientAndRemainder(dividingBy: 9)


(quotient: 75, remainder: 0)
(quotient: 194, remainder: 4)

Here, we have used the quotientAndRemainder() method to compute the quotient and remainder while the numerator is divided by the denominator.

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