Swift Double quotientAndRemainder()

In this tutorial, we will learn about the Swift Double quotientAndRemainder() method with the help of examples.

The quotientAndRemainder() method calculates the quotient and remainder of the division of numerator by denominator.


// compute the quotientAndRemainder var result = 10.quotientAndRemainder(dividingBy: 3)
print(result) // Output: (quotient: 3, remainder: 1)

quotientAndRemainder() Syntax

The syntax of the quotientAndRemainder() method is:

num.quotientAndRemainder(dividingBy: otherNumber)

Here, num is a numerator.

quotientAndRemainder() Parameters

The quotientAndRemainder() method takes one parameter

  • otherNumber - the dividing value (denominator)

quotientAndRemainder() Return Values

The quotientAndRemainder() method returns the quotient and remainder of the division of num by otherNumber.

Example: Swift Double quotientAndRemainder()

// compute quotient and remainder
var result1 = 150.quotientAndRemainder(dividingBy: 2)
var result2 = 1750.quotientAndRemainder(dividingBy: 9)


(quotient: 75, remainder: 0)
(quotient: 194, remainder: 4)

Here, we have used the quotientAndRemainder() method to compute the quotient and remainder while the numerator is divided by the denominator.

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