Swift Double rounded()

The rounded() method rounds the specified value to the closest int or long value and returns it. That is, 3.87 is rounded to 4 and 3.24 is rounded to 3.


// round the value 3.87 var result = 3.87.rounded() print(result)
// Output: 4.0

rounded() Syntax

The syntax of the rounded() method is:


Here, num is a number.

rounded() Parameters

The rounded() method doesn't take any parameters.

rounded() Return Values

The rounded() method returns the nearest integral value.

Example: Swift Double rounded()

// round the value 1.878 var result1 = 1.878.rounded()
print(result1) // 2.0
// round the value 1.5 var result2 = 1.5.rounded()
print(result2) // 2.0
// round the value 1.34 var result3 = 1.34.rounded()
print(result3) // 1.0



Here, the values are rounded to their nearest integral using the rounded() method.

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