Swift Double rounded()

In this tutorial, we will learn about the Swift Double rounded() method with the help of examples.

The rounded() method rounds the specified value to the closest int or long value and returns it. That is, 3.87 is rounded to 4 and 3.24 is rounded to 3.


// round the value 3.87 var result = 3.87.rounded() print(result)
// Output: 4.0

rounded() Syntax

The syntax of the rounded() method is:


Here, num is a number.

rounded() Parameters

The rounded() method doesn't take any parameters.

rounded() Return Values

The rounded() method returns the nearest integral value.

Example: Swift Double rounded()

// round the value 1.878 var result1 = 1.878.rounded()
print(result1) // 2.0
// round the value 1.5 var result2 = 1.5.rounded()
print(result2) // 2.0
// round the value 1.34 var result3 = 1.34.rounded()
print(result3) // 1.0



Here, the values are rounded to their nearest integral using the rounded() method.

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