C++ Program to Print Number Entered by User

Example: Print Number Entered by User

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main() {    
    int number;

    cout << "Enter an integer: ";
    cin >> number;

    cout << "You entered " << number;    
    return 0;


Enter an integer: 23
You entered 23

This program asks the user to enter a number.

When the user enters an integer, it is stored in variable number using comment.

Then it is displayed on the screen using cout.

Starting from this example, we will be using the std namespace using the code:

using namespace std;

This will allow us to write cout, cin, endl, etc. instead of std::cout, std::cin, std::endl respectively.

This is simply to make our code cleaner and more readable.

However, using the std namespace is considered a bad practice and we highly recommend you drop this practice once you've mastered the basics of C++.

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