Swift Dictionary keys

In this tutorial, we will learn about the Swift Dictionary keys property with the help of examples.

The keys property returns just the keys of the dictionary.


var languages = ["Swift": 2012, "C": 1972, "Java": 1995]

// return just the keys of languages var result = languages.keys
print(result) // Output: ["C", "Swift", "Java"]

keys Syntax

The syntax of the dictionary keys property is:


Here, dictionary is an object of the Dictionary class.

keys Return Values

The keys property returns an array of all the keys of dictionary.

Example 1: Swift Dictionary keys

var information = ["Alcaraz": 18, "Sinner": 20, "Nadal": 34]

// keys total elements on names print(information.keys)


["Sinner", "Nadal", "Alcaraz"]

In the above example, we have used the keys property to return an array of just the keys of the information dictionary.

Example 2: Using keys With for Loop

var informations = ["Alcaraz": 18, "Sinner": 20, "Nadal": 34]

// iterate through all the keys of informations for information in informations.keys {
print(information) }



Here, we have used the for loop to iterate through all the keys of the informations dictionary.

Finally, all the keys of informations are printed one at a time.

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