JavaScript Number toExponential()

The syntax of the toExponential() method is:


Here, num is a number.

Number toExponential() Parameters

The toExponential() method takes in:

  • fractionDigits (Optional) - An integer specifying the number of digits after the decimal point. By default, it is as many digits as necessary to specify the number.

Return value from Number toExponential()

  • Returns a string representing the given Number object in exponential notation, rounded to fractionDigits digits after the decimal point.

Example: Using Number.toExponential()

let num = 695.8457;

let exp_num = num.toExponential();
console.log(exp_num); // 6.958457e+2

let exp_num1 = num.toExponential(2);
console.log(exp_num1); // 6.96e+2



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