Python String rpartition()

The syntax of rpartition() is:


rpartition() Parameters()

rpartition() method takes a string parameter separator that separates the string at the last occurrence of it.

Return Value from rpartition()

rpartition() method returns a 3-tuple containing:

  • the part before the separator, separator parameter, and the part after the separator if the separator parameter is found in the string
  • two empty strings, followed by the string itself if the separator parameter is not found

Example: How rpartition() works?

string = "Python is fun"

# 'is' separator is found
print(string.rpartition('is '))

# 'not' separator is not found
print(string.rpartition('not '))

string = "Python is fun, isn't it"

# splits at last occurence of 'is'


('Python ', 'is ', 'fun')
('', '', 'Python is fun')
('Python is fun, ', 'is', "n't it")

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