Swift Set removeFirst()

The removeFirst() method removes the first element from the set.


var brands: Set = ["Dell", "Apple", "Razer"]

// removes and returns first element from brands print(brands.removeFirst())
// Output: Apple

removeFirst() Syntax

The syntax of the set removeFirst() method is:


Here, set is an object of the Set class.

removeFirst() Parameter

The removeFirst() method doesn't take any parameter.

removeFirst() Return Value

The removeFirst() returns the removed element from the set

Note: Since Sets are unordered collections, the random element is removed and returned.

Example: Swift Set removeFirst()

var country: Set = ["Nepal", "Greece", "Spain"]

// removes and returns first element from country print(country.removeFirst())
// print the modified set print(country)


["Greece", "Nepal"]

Here, we have used the removeFirst() method to remove the first element from the country set.

After removing the first element, we have printed the modified set.

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