Swift Set update()

The update() method inserts the given element in the set.


// create a dictionary with two elements
var information: Set = [54, 34, 35]

// insert 76 to information
information.update(with: 76)

// print updated dictionary

// Output: [34, 54, 76, 35]

update() Syntax

The syntax of the update() method is:

set.update(with: newElement)

Here, set is an object of the Set class.

update() Parameters

The update() method takes one parameter:

  • newElement - the new element to insert in set

update() Return Value

  • The update() method doesn't return any value. It just updates set.

Example: Swift Set update()

// create a set with three elements
var employees: Set = ["Sabby", "Nick", "Cathy"]

print("Before:", employees)

// insert "Katty" to employees
employees.update(with: "Katty")

// print updated set
print("Updated:", employees)


Before: ["Cathy", "Sabby", "Nick"]
Updated: ["Katty", "Cathy", "Sabby", "Nick"]
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