HTML Lists

In this tutorial, you will learn about lists in HTML and their different types with the help of examples.

HTML lists are used to display related information in an easy-to-read and concise way as lists.

Three types of HTML lists

We can use three types of lists to represent different types of data in HTML:

  1. Unordered List <ul>
  2. Ordered List <ol>
  3. Description List <dl>

Unordered List

    The unordered list is used to represent data in a list for which the order of items does not matter.

    In HTML, we use the <ul> tag to create unordered lists. Each item of the list must be a <li> tag which represents list items. For example,


    Browser Output

    An HTML unordered list example

    Here, <li>Apple</li>, <li>Orange</li>, and <li>Mango</li> are the list items.

    To learn more about unordered lists, visit HTML Unordered Lists.

    Ordered List

      The ordered list is used to represent data in a list for which the order of items has significance.

      The <ol> tag is used to create ordered lists. Similar to unordered lists, each item in the ordered list must be a <li> tag. For example,


      Browser Output

      An HTML ordered list example

      Here, you can see list items are represented with numbers to represent a certain order.

      To learn more about ordered lists, visit HTML Ordered Lists.

      Description List

      The HTML description list is used to represent data in the name-value form. We use the <dl> tag to create a definition list and each item of the description list has two elements:

      • term/title - represented by the <dt> tag
      • description of the term - represented by the <dd> tag

      Let's see an example,

        <dd>Hyper-Text Markup Language</dd>
        <dd>Cascading StyleSheets</dd>

      Browser Output

      An HTML description list example

      Since the description list includes the definition of a term, it is also known as the definition list. To learn more about the description list, visit HTML Description List.

      Tags used in HTML lists

      Tag Explanation
      <ol> Defines an ordered list.
      <ul> Defines an unordered list.
      <dl> Defines a description list.
      <li> Defines a list item in ordered or unordered lists.
      <dt> Defines a term in description list.
      <dd> Defines the description of a term in the description list.