HTML Quotation

The HTML quotation elements are used to insert the quoted text in the web page that is different from the standard text on the website. In this tutorial, we will learn about the following HTML Quotation elements.

  • <q>
  • <blockquote>

<q> tag

The <q> tag is used for short quotations that do not require paragraph breaks. For example,

<p>This is a paragraph with <q>quotation text</q></p>


Here, the quotation marks are coming from the <q> tag.

<blockquote> tag

The <blockquote> tag defines the section of text that is quoted from another source. Another source is any place other than the current website. It is used to represent block of quoted text. For example,

<blockquote cite=""> Our mission is to help users learn programming more easily.</blockquote>
HTML blockquote element

In the above example, the <blockquote> tag displays the quoted text as a block with an indentation at the beginning that indicates that it is a quotation.

The cite attribute is an optional attribute used to add a URL that designates a source document for the information quoted. In this example, we can see that the above quote is quoted from the Programiz site.